In 2011, Eva Geerts went to Hogar de ninos Alalay for five months to do her Psychologyinternship. During her stay, sheplannedthe cow projecttogether with the people of Alalay.This project was realized thanks to the donations of friends and family of Eva. Back home in Belgium, the troubles of the children, the needs and the Bolivian life, did not …. After writingher thesis, Eva returned to Bolivia, and started working in Alalay Santa Cruz in March 2013.

Meanwhile, the non-profit organization Que Te Vaya Bien was founded in Belgium by Sophie,Robin, Stephanie, Thomas and Mieke. In September 2013, they all went to visit Alalay to getto knowthe project and discuss the agreement between Alalay and “VZW Que Te Vaya Bien”. Sometime later, Lucie also joined as an active board member.

👏 Eight successful years followed, during which Que Te Vaya Bien collected many gifts and grants were awarded to support various projects in Bolivia and Colombia.

Alalay, Bolivia
Fucaprodein, Colombia
Parkour Trace, Bolivia

In 2019, Liselotte Reyntjens went to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After reading Eva’s blogposts in MO*, she reached out to her. During a first meeting in Santa Cruz, they discussed Eva’s non-profit organization Que Te Vaya Bien. Eva’s busy work-and family life was getting harder to combine with being president of QTVB. Did Liselotte have any interest in joining QTVB?

Two years later, Lucie, Mieke, Sophie, Robin and Eva pass QTVB on to Sophie, Rosalie,Charlotte, Annelies, Eva and Liselotte. A new wind blowing through QTVB, but the samevalues remain: meeting the need requirements of families and children in poverty situationsin Latin America. We are just sharpening our focus on girls and women!

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